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Michael (Mick) Taylor

March 15, 2015
Ireland dublin galway 2009 dec (26)

Me and Mick

We met, not through comedy, but at the local amateur dramatic society, where we job-shared a backstage role on the Christmas pantomime. Cinderella brought us together. We found we had a shared interest in stand-up, and started going to gigs, in the “mothership”, his famously comfortable and reliable Mercedes car.

Mick tried a variety of ways to get into the business, even having a go at performing, then organising and promoting gigs and venues, mostly in and around Milton Keynes, before his full-time commitment to comedy management, and his career-defining meeting with Magnus Betnér.

For me it was great fun just to be around to be caught in the updraught of Mick’s rapid rise to industry competence. He didn’t have many years experience in the business, but he certainly had transferable skills. I admired his vision at seeing which activities were superfluous and which were productive in carving out a real business.

His networking skills were marvellous. He recognised exactly where to go for the information he needed, and was fearless and usually tactful in approaching the right people. Even if he sometimes disagreed with people, he was always keen to keep a good relationship. One of the people Mick had a working relationship with was Addison Cresswell. We can’t know now what was discussed between them, because sadly they both died young within the past year or so.

The evidence was that Mick was on the verge of every kind of success in the comedy business, and it would have been great fun to see what he would have achieved, if he hadn’t become ill at the beginning of 2013.

I shall always feel grateful to Mick for the fun and pleasure he brought into my life in those brief years. I feel very sad for Mick and for Sherry and Serena. I also feel great personal loss. It’s such a shame. Michael Taylor was much loved and will be greatly missed. I miss him terribly.

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