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VE Day and after, Greece.

May 14, 2015
Dads wartime scan2 (59) wp crop

Dad wearing civvies, in Athens.

Dad arrived in Athens in mid October 1944, and my parents married in Athens in late October 1946. In between he was in Italy and Yugoslavia, and possibly Germany.

They had two wedding ceremonies, one Orthodox and one Anglican. I think Mum wanted to make sure they were really, really married. It was a huge unknown commitment for her – after she left Greece she didn’t see her mother again until 1956. When they married, he was 25, and she had just turned 18.

One thing they had in common was that they both had difficult childhoods. Dad’s father was an unemployed Warrington steelworker, who died when Dad was 10, leaving his mother with six children and no money. Mum was 12 when the German occupation began in 1941 and the schools were closed.

The photograph of Dad was taken outside Mum’s mother’s flat. It’s very touching. I scanned the black and white photograph with a colour scanner. You can see traces of pink lipstick where Mum has kissed the photograph, some seventy years ago.

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