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Dr. Marmalade’s Letter.

June 16, 2015

marmalade letter

Dear Phillip,

Now that my examining is over I have had a chance to speak to the Part 1 examiners and to find out you marks which, as you expected, are less good than they should be. Overall you got 4 β’s (top was in inorganic II) but you also had 3 γ’s and a non-satis (in physical I). Realistically this means that your most probable result must be a third although there is just a chance that a good Part II would pull you up. It is a real pity that things conspired to cause you to do much less well than you should have – with your ability you should have been at the other end of the school – but there it is and we must accept the situation.

Although I hope you will come back to Oxford I feel I should point out that is is possible for you to finish now with an unclassified honours degree, which might be as good a bet for your career as a ‘third’ in a year’s time – perhaps you could let me know sometime whether you feel you would like to come back.

With best wishes



Dr. Marmalade seemed able to accept the situation without much difficulty.

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