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Seventies humour.

July 22, 2015

Two comedians I experienced for free in the 1970s:


Pansy’s People

Comedian one – My friend Tim obtained tickets for an Oxford Review show at the “New Theatre”. The most memorable part was a sketch called “Pansy’s People” (might have been “Pansies’ People”) in which Rowan Atkinson pranced up and down stage in the manner of “Pan’s People”. This was in June 1976, just before my Final Examinations, an unhappy time for me, when my academic career expired in disappointment. Tim pointed out a man in the stalls wearing a corduroy jacket, who he said was professor something or other. I heard Professor Corduroy-Jacket predict young Mr Atkinson would go far. How perceptive he was! Rowan Atkinson is by all accounts a fine comedian, but I’ve never much enjoyed him, finding it hard to disassociate him from negative feelings about university.

Comedian two – Bill Medland of the Lion Hotel in Warrington owned the concession to run the occasional bar at the recently opened Woolston Leisure Centre. When I turned 18 I had a part-time job working for him. One one occasion the Woolston bar ran out of glasses, and the bar manager asked me to collect some discreetly at the back of the room, when the comedian was on stage, so we could cope with the interval rush. I had collar length hair at the time, and was wearing cheap black platform heeled shoes, as I imagined might have been worn by Che Guevara. Bernard Manning publicly queried my sexuality from the stage.


Woolston Wit

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  1. Aww – your early comedic experiences were obviously pretty ghastly. Horrid for you.

    Did you ever experience the OU’s Cafe Au Lait iterations in the Eighties – and maybe even into the Nineties? Jo Brand came. And The Joan Collins Fan Club (with Fanny the Wonder dog) as he was then. And others TNTM. Some of the people who are now the backbone of British comedy came. Happy days.

    • I had an open spot at the OU Club in April 1997, just before Mike Bullivant decided to pack it in, due to work pressures. That was my only contact, but I enjoyed it very much.
      The Clock Inn at Shenley had lots of performers in the late 90s and early 2000s who are now famous.
      I saw Julian Clary as the Joan Collins Fan Club in 1988 at an event run by Timeout for the Terrance Higgins Trust.
      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I don’t understand WordPress yet. 🙂

  2. I am glad to be giving you some practice, then 🙂 I don’t understand it either, although I have had a blog on it since 2009. I don’t, for example, understand why neither of our comments above are dated. How can that be difficult for wordpress? I suspect you have stumped up for the paid-for version (because your blog looks much nicer than mine). Surely the paid-for version should show a date/time here and there? Incomprehensible. I am finding technology increasingly incomprehensible as we go along. Beginning to feel almost nostalgic for DOS …

    • No, mine is the free version. I can see dates too, your comment says 22 July, my reply 4 days ago. I think it looks better on my new mobile phone. I’m using that more because I’m having to ration my PC Wi-Fi time.

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