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Ken Dodd remembered.

March 12, 2018

I saw Ken Dodd on two occasions 34 years apart – once with my parents at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool in 1969, and once with a friend (Mike D.) at the Parr Hall Warrington on 30th December 2003. I think the new year’s eve’s eve show was an annual event, Warrington being conveniently just up the road from Liverpool. I went in 2003 when I was temporarily living back in Warrington after my mother died.

The Blackpool show was a mere two hours I think, but the event at the Parr Hall kicked off with a sold-out audience at 7.30pm, and continued on well after midnight, with the audience decimated by fatigue and the constraints of public transport hour by hour.

I’d recently watched “Goodfellas” on DVD and it amused me to find that one of his gags was one told by “King of the one-liners, Henny Goodman” in the Goodfellas cabaret scene. I suppose if you live long enough, you get legitimately to inherit everybody else’s material.

For extreme nostalgia, I watched on youtube the 1963 interview with Gay Byrne of Ken Dodd and the Beatles, at the Granada Studios for “Scene at 6.30”. Ken Dodd was 36 and John Lennon was 23, and there’s some highly entertaining 60’s banter.

So that’s another connection to childhood memories gone into history, like Arthur Askey and, almost, George Formby. Never much cared for Ken’s singing though.

Sunset over Mersey feb18

Sunset over the Mersey estuary

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